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Same Day Appointments

Need to see a clinician today? Let us know as early as possible, and we’ll add you to our Quick Care list. We will make every effort to fit you in as space and safety permits. In-person visits are always preferred but we can do video/phone visits for some health issues.


Payment due at time of service. We cannot accept health insurance or worker’s comp for our services.

  • New Patients with Dr. Zeller $125
  • Medical Consultations $90

Appointment Scheduling

To schedule an appointment

  • Text (505) 207-0710 with your name, date of birth, and phone number
  • Schedule with us
  • Call (505) 266-0888. If you call, leave a detailed message and we WILL call you back.

Please cancel 24 hours in advance for scheduled appointment. No shows are charged the standard fee associated with the visit.


We offer full primary care medicine as well as natural wellness therapies drawing from diverse health traditions, all at polite prices. Our focus is on you and your family instead of paperwork and productivity. We welcome you, regardless of health insurance or immigration status; our clinicians are bilingual in English and Spanish.

Primary Care
We offer comprehensive primary care medical services including women’s health, mental health, and routine medical care. Our clinicians also specialize in complex pain assessment and treatment, Natural Therapies, as well nutritional illnesses including diabetes and obesity.

Complex Pain Assessment and Treatment
We provide skillful, innovative, and compassionate care for people suffering from complex pain conditions. Dr. Andru Zeller, inventor of PainScan, has developed a unique, technology assisted pain evaluation system that allows you and your doctor to SEE YOUR PAIN displayed on your personalized 3D human avatar. Using this state-of-the-art technology in combination with traditional radiology studies, you and your health care team can more accurately determine the cause or causes of your pain.

With this comprehensive pain assessment in hand, we then blend safe, non-addictive pain medications with a wide range of therapies to find the best strategy and solutions for you. Our clinicians help you learn the physical, mental, and emotional components of your pain, altering your experience from “Enduring Pain” to “Transforming Pain,” placing you in the driver’s seat and overwhelming pain in your rear-view mirror.

Natural Health Services

Yoflo Fusion Therapy is a modern, practical healing style inspired by ancient health traditions, rooted in the science of the mind-body connection. Yoflo is a meditative, one-on-one, assisted stretch experience that draws on your inner wisdom and courage. Your therapist may blend multiple techniques into your session based on their licensure and expertise.

Yoflo Fusion Therapy powerfully and directly addresses stress, tension, stiffness, pain, and physical / emotional trauma. If you have had a challenging life and earned a HARD BODY that likes to “Snap, Crackle, and Pop” then Yoflo will probably benefit you.

We cannot accept health insurance or worker’s comp for our services.

  • Medical Consultations (*) $90
  • New Patients with Dr. Zeller $125
  • Yoflo Wellness Therapy $50
  • Yoflo Fusion Therapy (Clinician) $130-200

( * ) Additional services beyond the consultation generally cost $30 – $200.

As a full-service – integrative health – medical office, we offer a wide range of additional services.
Here is a partial list of services and procedures that we can help you with:

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling for Pain and Anxiety
  • Joint Injection (Shoulder, Knee, and Ankle)
  • Injections for acute pain control
  • Antibiotic injections for skin, kidney, and lung infections
  • Liquid Nitrogen for genital warts, plantar warts, skin tags, benign mole removal
  • 12 lead ECG / EKG with easy Cardiologist interpretation
  • 24-hour home Blood Pressure Monitoring (BioBeat)
  • Stitches for simple Laceration Repair
  • IV Fluids for dehydration
  • Ingrown Nail Removal
  • Comprehensive PRIVATE Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD / STI) testing and treatment
  • Pre-Surgical Medical Clearance


Andru Zeller
Medical Doctor, MD

Andru Zeller MD attended medical school in Richmond, Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating in 1999. He then completed his residency training in Family Practice followed by a Fellowship in Rural Health, both at the University of New Mexico Family Practice Department.

Dr. Zeller founded his first medical office in 2004 and built a thriving and joyful practice with a focus on family-centered, hassle free, fair trade, integrative medicine for people of limited economic means. Dr. Zeller established his practice outside of the traditional insurance marketplace to help ensure that all members of our community have access to high quality, caring health services AND because insurance billing is simply not fun.

In 2008, Dr. Zeller learned database and software design to develop a custom medical record for clinicians working in the self-pay market. GLADemr was developed with a focus on usability, flexibility and customizability to fit the clinician’s practice style instead of making the clinician to fit a software package.

In 2016 Dr. Zeller developed a unique and gentle movement-based technique (Yoflo Fusion TherapySM) to help people with acute or chronic complex pain conditions by weaving together wisdom learned from Anatomy, Physiology, Dry-Needling, Core Synchronism, Integral Hypnotherapy, Cranio-Sacral, Yoga, Breath Work, and Compassion. Yoflo Fusion TherapySM offers patients a highly personal, customized, and intuitive approach to courageously embrace and transform pain in partnership with gentle, skillful therapists.

Dr. Zeller values fairness, independence, and respect, and seeks to apply these values in how he practices medicine. This has led Dr. Zeller to establish his own medical office where he can set the price for services, determine how much time to spend with each patient, and offer a wide range of health solutions learned from diverse healing traditions. Dr. Zeller works collaboratively with his patients to highlight their strengths, identify the roots of the “dis-ease,” and craft personal plans to optimize health, wellness, and autonomy.

Vanessa Acosta
Physician Assistant MS, PA-C

Vanessa Acosta, MS, PA-C completed her medical training at the University of New Mexico Physician Assistant (PA) Program in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prior to her medical training, Vanessa obtained her Master’s Degree in Community Health Education where she worked alongside Community Health Workers to build and implement Diabetes education programs.

Vanessa believes in empowering individuals to take ownership of their health and simply serving as a tool in their journey. Simply Salud resonates with her because she also has a passion to provide medical services to all patients regardless of income or social status. Vanessa is caring, hardworking, and ambitious and she treats each patient with kindness and respect.

Vanessa is a first generation Mexican-American, who was raised by her immigrant parents here in Albuquerque. She grew up speaking Spanish at home and learning English on her first day of Kindergarten. She values family and the importance of creating balance in all aspects of life. She is a mother to her silly, independent, and bright four year old daughter. Ultimately, her goal is to connect with the individuals she serves and she hopes to learn and share various healing modalities that can lead to better health outcomes.

Shafagh Banihashemi
Nurse Practitioner, CNP

Shafagh Banihashemi completed his Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Walden University. Before receiving this degree, he worked as a critical care nurse for 13 years in Albuquerque, NM.

Shafagh’s approach to wellness is founded on the principle of self-healing power within each person’s body. He places an emphasis on each individual’s health utilizing allopathic medicine in conjunction with naturopathic treatments and remedies, including Core Synchronism. He uses this as the central naturopathic system when treating patients.

Additionally, Shafagh has studied for over 250 hours under Dr. Zeller and is proficient in the gentle movement-based techniques, Yoflo Fusion Therapy SM, developed by Dr. Zeller. Shafagh joined Simply Salud because he believes that patients should receive individualized care that focuses on active listening, respect, and decision autonomy while utilizing a wholistic combination of healing practices.

In working with each patient, Shafagh’s priority is to present various forms of treatment, allowing each individual to choose what is best for them and to develop a personal and sustainable health plan. His fundamental aim is to provide not only wholistic-based healthcare but to instill belief in a patient’s intrinsic capacity to heal themselves.

Wellness and Support Team

Viviana Martinez
Yoflo Wellness Mentor

Viviana started as a volunteer health apprentice at Simply Salud in 2017. She was recognized as having a natural talent and interest in healing work and was introduced to Yoflo Fusion TherapySM by Dr. Andru Zeller and the philosophy of healing by Dr. Rolando Hall. This training opened an opportunity for growth in her life. Viviana then learned about breathing techniques and yoga with The Art of Living in 2018. This further study enhanced and strengthened her skills.

Volunteering with Simply Salud, Viviana became aware of the ache in our community due to the amount of stress and pressure that we carry in our bodies throughout our whole lives. Viviana began offering healing touch sessions in February 2020 and has already impacted the lives of hundreds of distressed men and women and has a waiting list for her services that stretches out for weeks.

Healing touch directly engages the patient’s participation to rejuvenate the nerves and muscles by releasing held tension and stress. This therapy not only helps transform physical pain, it also promotes healing of mental and emotional trauma. Viviana co-trains apprentices and community members in healing touch to help spread the power of this gentle, respectful healing technique.

Alondra Dominguez

Alondra started at Simply Salud as a volunteer health apprentice in 2018. After completing a B.S. degree, she earned her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Community Health from the University of New Mexico.

Alondra was born in a small town in Michoacán, Mexico. Through her personal experience and volunteer work, she has witnessed inequities in access to health care. Alondra recently obtained her certification as a Health Promoter (CHW) and has a passion to build services and programs addressing health disparities to improve Diabetes and Stress related illnesses. Alondra aspires to serve the members of her community by empowering and motivating individuals to take control of their health. She is eager to work closely with individuals and families who are ready to take the next step in improving their health and well-being.

Jazmin Velazquez Director

Jazmin Velazquez

Jazmin, a proud Mexican American, draws inspiration from her roots. Her parents, who came from Ojocaliente, Zacatecas, made the courageous decision to immigrate to the United States over 30 years ago. This pivotal decision shaped her career aspirations, fueling a drive to work hard and make a profound impact within her community.

Her journey in healthcare started at 15, securing a prestigious internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Spending summers immersed in hospital life, shadowing medical professionals across departments, it was the labor and delivery unit that deeply resonated. An unforgettable night assisting a nurse during a childbirth solidified her passion for healthcare, cementing her dedication to this field.

Jazmin began her journey at Simply Salud as a volunteer health apprentice from 2016 to 2018. Her dedication and passion for our mission led to a series of promotions, starting with becoming the health apprentice lead. Over time, Jazmin continued to rise within the organization, ultimately serving as the office coordinator. In 2023, Jazmin achieved another milestone in her career, being promoted to the role of Human Body Shops Director.

In this capacity, Jazmin played a pivotal role in initiating and nurturing new projects, cultivating them into flourishing initiatives that advanced our mission. Throughout her journey at Simply Salud, Jazmin has had the privilege of recruiting and training new apprentices, cultivating a culture of welcome and compassion, and providing vital support to clinicians, therapists, and health promoters. These experiences have deeply rooted Jazmin in the core values of Simply Salud, emphasizing fair pricing, integrative health, and a patient-centric approach, all of which drive her ambition to become an efficient and high-quality clinician.

Every step of her journey has contributed to the person she is today, fueling her unwavering commitment to the healthcare field and her community. With a determination to focus on becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Jazmin is driven by a clear vision to make a meaningful difference in healthcare.


Simply Salud clinicians believe in educating the next generation of health care clinicians by expanding opportunities for talented students from minority and underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds.

Dr. Zeller developed the original Volunteer Health Apprentice Model in 2005 when he was the Executive Director of a health office in the South Valley of Albuquerque. The program was moved to Simply Salud in 2015 and continues to evolve with the highest standards of mentoring, teaching, and accountability. We have collaborated with UNM Service Corps since 2006, hosting work-study and service corp students and greatly appreciate the shared value of promoting the careers of students.

At Simply Salud, we know that students crave responsibility and want to be leaders. These are our future clinicians, nurses, and health care techs. And we treat them as such. Our program brings medicine back to its educational roots, with our unique and effective apprenticeship program. Our students are challenged to think about patients holistically, to learn about disease and therapy, and to see the strengths and weaknesses of each modality of medicine. Fundamentally, we want our students to learn how patients heal.

We offer a comprehensive volunteer health apprentice training program for pre-health professional students interested in advancing their health careers. Our apprentices dedicate at least two years (6 hours per week) as volunteers, helping us run every aspect of the office. In exchange, we train our students in professionalism, medical assistant skills, blood draw, compassionate patient interaction, inspirational medicine, and the power of integrative health care services so that they are fully prepared to be leaders in the health care field for future generations.

Apprentices must be conversationally fluent in both English and Spanish and prepared to deepen their knowledge of both languages daily as they learn Medical English and Spanish. Approximately 75% of our patients are mono-lingual Spanish speakers, many from immigrant backgrounds. We serve people in recovery from drug abuse, have a strong focus on nutritional transformation for our many diabetic patients and work transformatively with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

Our volunteer apprentices not only get a great learning experience for themselves but also offer tremendous financial value to our community by helping save our patients $100,000 per year in staffing costs. These savings are passed on directly to patients in the form of markedly reduced health care costs.

Fair Trade Medicine

Simply Salud is a private medical office located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We work in collaboration with The Human Body Shop (a 501-c-3 non-profit) to extend our services to low-income members of our community.

Simply Salud Health Collaborative supports two mission-based programs addressing education/training and poverty reduction.

Apprentice Model – We offer a comprehensive health apprentice training program for pre-health professional students interested in advancing their careers. These amazing volunteers dedicate 6 hours per week for two years helping us run the office. In exchange, we train our apprentices in professionalism, medical assistant skills, phlebotomy, and integrative health services so they become fully prepared to be leaders in the health care field for the next generation.

Fair Trade Health Services – Our fair prices are well below market for medical services. We do not solicit grants from foundations or government, and we do not ask anyone for income verification to access our fair prices. We never send patients to collections. If you earn more than $30/hr, you can voluntarily disclose and we will “slide you up” a financial level. Our wealthier patients take pride in contributing to our mission to serve all members of our community and we appreciate their integrity based “financial assistance.”

Human Body Shop Inc.

Human Body Shop, a 501-c-3 Non-Profit, welcomes tax-deductible donations to our Patient Care Fund. While we offer below market prices to all of our patients, our patient care fund is used to help members of our community who are uninsured and in financial distress who cannot otherwise access primary and same day health services. 100% of your donation goes to patient care; there are ZERO administrative fees.

We welcome and appreciate your support.

A 501-c-3 Non-Profit

Simply Salud
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