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Fair priced health services woven from different medical traditions, for best health outcomes for you and your family.

Simply Salud Health Office welcomes donations to our Patient Care Fund. While we offer below market prices to all of our patients, our patient care fund is used to help members of our community who are uninsured and in financial distress who cannot otherwise access primary and urgent care health services. 100% of your donation goes to patient care, there are no administrative costs. Donations are tax-deductible.

About Us

Who are we?

Simply Salud is a health office located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Providers work collaboratively to offer best health outcomes for our patients. Each provider is fully bilingual (English / Spanish) and dedicated to the care of the patient. We welcome anyone, regardless of health insurance or immigration status. To keep our prices down, we don’t accept health insurance. If you have insurance, you can use it for lab testing, radiology studies and medications prescribed.

We offer a wide range of health services from a number of medical traditions, all at polite prices. We focus on health and best outcomes for our patients instead of paperwork and productivity. Below, you can meet our clinicians and read more about the range of health services offered by each of us.

What do we offer?

As a non-profit health office, we offer two aspects of our business that are mission based in terms of poverty reduction and education/training.

  1. For medical services, our prices start at $45, well below market average. For people utilizing our medical services who make more than $20/hr, you are asked to pay a market based price of $85 for the visit. Your “financial assistance” is incredibly important in helping us keep our entry price low for members of our community who cannot access higher wages. We hope that you will take pride in contributing to our mission to serve all members of our community.
  2. We offer a comprehensive health apprentice training program for pre-health professional students interested in advancing their careers. These amazing individuals dedicate at least one year (6 hours per week) without pay, as volunteers, helping us run many aspect of the office. In exchange, we train these individuals in professionalism, medical assistant skills and integrative health services so that they are fully prepared to be leaders in the health care field for the next generation. Apprentices must be conversationally fluent in both English and Spanish.


Andru Zeller MD

Dr. Andru Zeller

Dr. Zeller deeply values fairness, independence and respect and seeks to apply those values in how he practices medicine. This has led Dr. Zeller to establish his own medical office where he can set the price for services, determine how much time to spend with each patient based on that individual’s need, and offer a wide range of health solutions derived from various healing traditions with the constant goal of empowering his patients to be free from their “dis-ease” and in control of their actions and futures.

Dr. Zeller believes in educating the next generation of doctors and in particular, expanding opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds without easy access to a career in medicine. Dr. Zeller developed an “Apprentice Model” in 2005 that brought medicine back to it’s roots before classroom teaching became the norm. Many talented and eager students have received a boost to their application process. The volunteer hours markedly reduce the financial overhead of the medical office, helping keep the prices that uninsured patients pay to a minimum. These volunteers routinely save the office $100,000-200,000 per year and those savings are passed on to our patients.

With a focus on providing medical services to uninsured and low income individuals, it was a true necessity to learn Spanish. Dr. Zeller has both his wife and his patients to thank for helping him thru some tough years while he achieved medical fluency in Spanish.

Dr. Zeller attended medical school in Richmond, Virginia at the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency training at the University of New Mexico in Family Practice. This was followed by a one year Fellowship in Rural Health at the same institution.

Dr. Zeller founded his first non-profit medical office in 2004 (Casa de Salud Family Medical Office) and built a thriving medical practice with a focus on integrating cultural medicines, bringing together the best of the world’s health traditions for people with limited economic means. During those years, Dr. Zeller learned database design with Filemaker Pro and developed his own medical record that was used successfully for 8 years.

In 2015, Andru Zeller MD founded a new non-profit medical office in Albuquerque, (Simply Salud) that continues the missions of service and teaching into the future.

Rolando Hall DOM

Rolando Hall DOM

Rolando brings a personal touch to healing and engages with his patients on an emotional as well as physical level. Using a variety of methods, including Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and herbal treatments, Rolando tailors treatment to meet the need of the individual. Rolando’s focus is on helping the body to heal itself and he works with patients with a wide variety of illnesses—whether simple or complex.

Rolando believes all patients, regardless of income or social status, deserve to have access to affordable high quality health care. He treats each patient with respect, care, and dignity.

Originally from Costa Rica, Rolando is fluent in both Spanish and English. After being an informal student of Oriental Medicine for many years, Rolando decided to formally study the art of healing and graduated from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (ATOM) in August of 2006. He is certified with NCCAOM as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine and has been in practice for nearly 10 years.

Guadalupe Fuentes Promotora

Guadalupe Fuentes Promotora

Offers comprehensive nutritional education (and attitude adjustments) for patients and families with nutritional illnesses (diabetes, obesity, hypertension)

Ana Luisa Arce LMT

Offers various styles of therapeutic massage.

Works by appointment only Fridays 1-6pm

More information coming soon.


Dr. Andru Zeller offers full service family practice for a range of illnesses from diabetes to thyroid conditions, mental emotional distress, injuries, etc. Dr. Zeller performs procedures including small in-office surgeries for removal of cysts, moles, lipomas, tongue lesions, and liquid nitrogen for removal of certain skin lesions. Dr. Zeller does wound care for lacerations, infections and abscess drainage. Dr. Zeller also offers evaluation and treatment of chronic pain with a range of natural therapies including an expertise in body work (craniosacral unwinding, core synchronism, trigger point injections, myofascial release and muscle retraining/stretching).

For those patients who have found themselves addicted to opiates, either pills or heroin, Dr. Zeller is nationally certified to provide Suboxone (Buprenorphine) medication therapy. There is no induction fee for starting on buprenorphine. Each visit costs $85 with small additional fees for liver tests and urine drug tests as needed.

If you are interested in receiving buprenorphine services, please download the consent form so you can learn more details about the program.

Dr. Zeller does not prescribe opiate medications outside of acute pain crisis, he does not prescribe benzodiazepine medication outside of acute anxiety/panic secondary to a major traumatic episode and he does not prescribe amphetamine type medications for attention deficit.


Medical (less than$20/hr income)$45
Medical (more than $20/hr income)$85
Suboxone (Buprenorphine)$100
Chinese Acupuncture$50
Japanese Acupuncture$65-70
Promotora Education$25

Additional charges for labs, procedures and medications

< $20/hr > $20/hr
Routine lab testing$24 - $90$24 - $90
Specialized lab testingvariesvaries
IV fluids$60$100
Punch Biopsy (includes pathology)$310$350
Liquid Nitrogen (Dermatology)$75$115
Laceration Repair (stitches)$100$150
Toenail removal$60$100
Antibiotic Injection$20$40
Other Fees
Credit/debit card convenience fee%3
Paperwork fee$30 / 15 minutes
Returned check fee$30


We are presently accepting patient appointments either by phone, or as a walk-in to the office. We respect your right to the convenience of making an appointment and ask that you respect our time and commitment by either calling 24 hours in advance to cancel or by showing up. We do not double or triple book our appointments. Your appointment is protected for you to have the time you need with your clinician. No show appointments are charged the standard price associated with the visit.

Please be aware that in a health office, while we do our best to honor your start time, it is impossible to predict how much time each patient will need. We can sometimes be up to an hour behind so you should plan your day accordingly.

We are closed for some holidays and for vacation times. Our closures will be posted as we become aware of any such dates.


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